Out for Dinner with a Friend and What I Wore


On Thursday I met a new friend for dinner at a spot that she suggested, called Pour Boy Pub. She and I met at my sister’s party in February (discussed here) and got along quite well, so we decided to get together. And I am so glad we did because we had lots to talk about, including the fact that we both worked on the same corner for years, but never ran into one another.

Here’s to new friends! Yay.

I had not been to the Pour Boy Pub before and really liked it. We both ended up choosing the same meal … Singapore Noodles, which were very nice, made more-so by the hot sauce we asked the server for. To drink I had a Strongbow Cider.

As for what I wore for this date, there was no question there would be jeans and heavy boots involved, as that afternoon, a blizzard came to town. It was snowing like crazy when I left the house but by the time I arrived at the restaurant (having taken the streetcar) the snow had stopped.

And here we are on Monday and there is no sign of snow in sight, so I think that storm might have been the end of it. I’ve mentioned before that I find it fun to be out during blizzards, so I am glad that I caught the last one of the year.

I know my outfit is very black, and you know I do try to add colour and pattern to my outfits, but sometimes I just go with items from the black ‘staples’ section of my closet. I used to be teased at work because I wore so much black. It is a habit that became fully entrenched while in my late teens and has stuck around. Honestly though, I did try to add a bit of colour in that I first had on a pair of blue jeans, but I just didn’t dig the look.

In case you were wondering what my hair looks like when I allow it to air dry, this is it. The only thing I did was comb it out and add a bit of leave-in conditioning product while it was damp (L’Oreal Re-Nutrition). I also put a large velcro roller in the bangs. I often go about the house with a roller in my bangs, as this gets them out of my face and also helps to keep them pointing in the right direction (damn those cow-licks that make my bangs go every which way but straight down! True fact … I very nearly left the house with my roller in the other day. Thank goodness I stopped at the hall mirror to apply a some lipstick before going out.









[Outfit details : Jacket – Panitti, bought in New York City. Jeans – The Bay Brand. Tee – One of my many randoms black shirts. Boots – Stone Ridge. Amber rhinestone necklace and tapestry purse – vintage.]

Thank you very much for visiting my little corner of the internet. I hope your week is off to a great start.
xo loulou