Party at My Sister’s and What I Wore

My sister and her boyfriend hosted a get together at their place on Saturday night. Nick couldn’t make it so I went on my own.

She has a bunch of really nice friends, most of whom I’ve known for a long time, so we all got chatting right off the bat. There was also a new friend there who I was very pleased to meet. Here’s to fun parties and longtime and new friends!






I always love to visit my sister’s home because there is so much to look at. She has been collecting things forever, getting them mostly at thrift stores and garage sales. Her eye for finding a great treasure is impressive. These photos show just a hint at all the neat little items she has on display. I have a particular soft spot for all the vintage figurines.


It was wintery cold out, so I wore layers of knits. My tunic looks very short but be assured that the leggings underneath are thick cable-knit, so more like pants than leggings really. And since I took public transit to get there and back, I made sure to wear a coat that was long enough to cover up for both modesty and warmth.



[Outfit Details: Tunic – Style and Co. (The Bay). Pants/Legging – Lapis. Vest – very old Jacob. Necklace and purse – Vintage. Boots – Stone Ridge. Slippers – Isotoner.]

Up above you can see a picture of the slippers that I changed into when I arrived. I happened to arrive at the same time as a sweet friend, and she too was changing into slippers (her’s were slipper-socks). I mention this because of a discussion in this post about bringing clean footwear to parties in the winter. It seems this might be a Canadian thing, probably because our winters are so snowy and slushy. (She says while looking out the window at the worse snowfall since 2008. This storm is expected to set record for most snow fallen in a one day.)

As always, I appreciate your online company. Hope you’ve had a good week.
xo loulou