What I Wore Featuring a Necklace From Africa


A little while ago I received an email from a kind woman named Kelsey, asking if I would consider helping her to get the word out about the non-profit organization that she and her friend started, called the Uganda Community Project.

Their goal is to build community centres in this African county that will ‘partner with local schools to aid children in literacy and technology education so they are better equipped to finish school and find employment as adults. These community centers will also function as a place where adults in need of economic aid can take job training classes offered by volunteers from their own community.’ You can read all about this organization on their website here.

They’re a new organization and are currently working on the first of these centres, which will be located in a community called Mmpummudde, (which is located just outside the second largest town in Uganda, called Jinja).

She asked if she could send me something that was handmade in Uganda, and I was quite delighted to receive this beautiful necklace. It is made of beads rolled from recycled paper and then sealed with a hard protective coating. This method of bead making results in no two being the same, which adds a lot of interest to the piece. As you can see it’s a very nice length too.



They have an Etsy shop where they sell necklaces. With the holiday season coming up, this would be good way to give a special gift that was handmade by the person who will benefit from the purchase. (It seems they are in the process of adding stock to the shop so the ones like mine aren’t up but there are other pretty selections. Also they are currently shipping to the US only.)



I’m wore my necklace out for dinner with my friend Nyla on Friday evening. I got some fun shots of that night out, including some of the area we went to called Yorkville, that has a very interesting history. I’ll post them tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping over.