What I wore : Surprise date with the parents!

We were working away at our home office this morning when my parents called to say they’d be in town this afternoon and did we want to go out for lunch with them. Yes please! But they couldn’t come over and not come in the house, plus we wanted to show them the new kitchen, so we got busy cleaning up a bit making the place decent. Then I jumped in the shower and had just partially blow-dried (blown-dry?) my hair and was getting ready to use my round brush and make it all nice and smooth, when Nick called up, “They’re here!”. Eep, half an hour early! So I scrapped the hair-do and put on a bit of make-up.

Thank goodness I’d already thought about what I’d wear (while I was vacuuming!). The outfit would include the bolero sweater and belt that they had gotten me for my birthday. My mother always picks out excellent clothes for me that always get compliments when I wear them. They’re not things that I would normally buy for myself, so they add variety to my wardrobe. This particular gift also included a lovely muted floral silk scarf but it is still too warm here to have worn it today.

I see that I am a lame self-portrait taker. But this was only the second time ever that I’ve used the self-timer on my camera, so I’ll get better!

My father treated us to a lovely meal at one of our ‘special occasion’ places called Politica, which I will do a post about tomorrow. What a nice unexpected date!

Belt and Sweater: Gifts from my mom. Belt: Calvin Klein, Sweater: Mercer and Madison (a soft cotton/linen blend), Shoes: Expression, Earrings: Old, Purse: Vintage. I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture but the fabric flowers are pressed between a plastic cover and the purse material.