Out for Lunch : Politica

Located at Adelaide Street West and Strachan Ave, Politica is a restaurant that is immersed right within a neighbourhood. Housed in one of the original large homes of the area, the interior is a very interesting counterpoint to the 100 year old exterior. It by no means looks vintage inside, with a clean modern look and really nice leather chairs.

Politica has been one of two preferred ‘special occasion’ restaurants for us in recent years. We have celebrated birthdays and an anniversary there, and also went for New Year’s Eve dinner a couple of years ago. So after my mom and dad called to see if we wanted to have lunch with them yesterday, we tossed around a few ideas of where to go. Politica was where we gladly decided upon.

Each of us had a different pasta dish and we all cleaned our plates! So I think it’s safe to say that the meal was excellent.