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thrift store finds toronto loulou downtown

Hi! Here's what I got during a recent visit to the Value Village Thrift Store at Bloor and Lansdowne in Toronto.

First up is this vintage piece that goes along with my small collection of amber pressed glass items. I use these things to serve hors d'eouvres when company comes over, and this elongated bowl will be handy for crackers or sliced French bread.

This particular piece has the added feature of being "carnival glass", meaning that it has a finish to it that gives it a colourful iridescence.

amber carnival glass vintage pressed glass oval bowl from thrift store

thrifted amber carnival pressed glass

thrifted amber pressed glass oval bowl vintage carnival glass

Displayed with the other previously thrifted pieces ...

vintage amber pressed glass collection thrifted

amber pressed glass collection

Here's a nice thick silver-plated serving tray to add to another of my small collections. I use these old trays often, even more-so now that the weather has warmed out and we're regularly bringing stuff outside.

This one, made in the USA by F.B. Rogers, is in perfect condition, although it needs of a bit of cleaning up. I prefer a bit of an old tarnished look, so I'll just wash it with soap and water and then give it a "baking soda and aluminum foil" bath, as described in this post. I find that this method removes some of the tarnish while still leaving a desired patina.

thrifted silver plated serving tray fb rogers usa

thrifted silver plated serving tray detail close up

fb rogers silver company stamp on plated tray

Speaking of sitting outside, it's time for candles out there and this heavy purple crystal holder will display them in style. It still had its original paper tag saying "Made in Czechoslovakia" on it before I washed it, which then disintegrated in the water. The fact that it said Czechoslovakia rather than Czech Republic indicates that it was made prior to 1993, making it at least 23 years old. You'd never know because it looks like it's brand new. It's a lovely luxury piece acquired at a thrift store price!

lead crystal candle holder czechoslovakia purple thrifted

czechoslovakia crystal purple candle holder from thrift store

Here's a small ceramic vase with a metallic finish, that I thought was quite nice. I was on the look out for a vase with a narrow opening, within which one or two blooms would stand upright. This one will go well with all the silver and chrome things we have about the place, and will go perfectly with the winter wonderland / frosty decor that I put out in January and February.

small thrifted vase ceramic with metalic finish

chrome and silver tone collection

I was happy to find this pretty pure cotton bed-sheet, made by the now defunct Canadian brand Tex-made, a division of what was once one of Canada's premiere companies, credited with keeping many people employed during the great depression, Dominion Textile.

The fact that the label doesn't specifically state that it is 100% cotton, indicates that it was made prior to the invention of polyester. Back then it was assumed that all bed linens were 100% cotton, so they didn't have to state that on the labels. This leads me to conclude it is from the early 1950s. Seems that it's been stored in someone's cupboard for the past 60+ years.

And now I'm wondering if I'll have the guts to wash it and use it! That is my plan anyway, though I haven't thrown it in the washer yet. While I was excited to find this previously unused vintage treasure, sometimes I prefer my thrifted linens to show some signs of wear, so I don't feel badly about going ahead and using them without worrying about ruining their pristine condition. Removing tags and washing these kinds of things feels like ruining them for a future generation. I guess I'm still remembering the frown I got from an old friend in the vintage business, when I told her I'd washed away the sticker-tag from an old figurine of an elf that I once bought off eBay.

vintage new texmade cotton bed sheet blue roses

label for vintage tex made cotton bed sheet

thrifted cotton sheet vintage tex made unused

I'll be putting this next item away for a few months, but will surely be glad to pull it out once the weather cools down again. This very large and thick silk scarf, with hand-rolled edges, was made by an Italian company called Coruso, who made scarves in the 60s and 70s. It is very soft and lush and features one of my favourite colour combos, red and black.

vintage large caruso silk scarf thrifted

Lastly, I found a little something for Nick. He uses Daytimer planners and every Christmas I get him the calendar for the new year as a stocking-stuffer. I also like to pick up some accessory pages or items to go with the calendar. So, since I shop for Daytimer products regularly, I'm fully aware of how pricey those things are! That being the case, I knew this never used, fully-loaded, genuine Daytimer Planner was an extremely good find for $3.99.

It has all kinds of goodies in it, including a calendar that you write the dates on yourself, making it good for any year -- I'll have to think up a new idea for Christmas this year! I especially like the colourful pocketed pages.

He was very happy with his present and has wrapped it up to save until his current binder calls it quits.

daytimer planner from thrift store unused

daytimer package found at thrift store

daytimer open calendar good for any year

extras inside thrifted daytimer unused

And that's it. I got all this goodness for under $30 cdn!

thrift store finds toronto

Thanks very much for checking out my post.
xo loulou

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  1. Norma says:

    I would think the sheet should hold up well. Someone’s probably had it stored in the dark to have a pattern that bright after all these years. That and the amber glass would be must buys for me if I saw them. x

  2. Vix says:

    What wonderful finds photographed with such care and artistry!
    I adore that Czech glass, so bold and chunky. I’d have snapped that beauty up, too. x

  3. Julie says:

    You did so well, what great finds! You have to use that vintage sheet, it looks amazing. I have this silly idea that things want to be used, that they are sad and lonely if they don’t get to do the things they were created for. I bet that sheet totally wants to be on a bed. And I adore that silver tray.

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