Cat Loves Company


Like no other cat I’ve ever known, there is no question that Eddie really enjoys meeting people. He has his own friends who I’ve seen him out front ‘talking’ to, people I’ve never met myself. We have a neighbour who never passes by without a visit with his furry friend. More than once I’ve opened the front door to find him sitting on the grass playing with Ed.

And when someone is actually coming inside, he is right there to greet our company. Even if they are only there to give us a quote on fixing the fence or something … they sure better like cats once they step through the doors.

While he is social with pretty well everyone, there are two friends that he particularly loves. One is our pal Chops, who you can see him with in this post. And the other is the lovely friend he is seen sitting with in today’s pictures.








It didn’t hurt her level of popularity that she had something nice for him to eat …


Our friend was over for dinner and a movie on Sunday, bringing over the most delightful of desserts. Some readers may have guessed who this is, but I’ll show you all on Monday! (Come back then because you really need to hear about the cake she made.)

Happy Caturday. Hope you’re having a good one.
xo loulou
and Eddie too