Springtime Cheer is in the House : Crocheted Flower Garland


I bought the yarn for this crocheting project a few days before beginning it, so the skeins sat grouped together on a table for a little while. This was before our weather had turned for the better, and seeing those colours all together in the gloom cheered me right up. I could only imagine the effect that those pretty hues, crocheted into flowers and strung together to make a garland, would have. It was happiness just waiting to happen.

Thanks goes to the designer who made her pattern for the charming ‘Maybelle’ flower available for free download here. I first saw this when looking for a pattern for these crocheted brooches I made, back during the dark depths of the worse winter we’ve had here in Toronto in decades. One of the ladies who commented on the Maybelle Pattern post said she was going to use it to make a floral garland, and thus the idea for a string of brightly coloured crocheted flowers was set in my mind. I knew I would be making one for our home, to bring a bit of spring inside. And I love how it turned out.







It was fun to make too, with each flower taking about 15 minutes to crochet. I decided to go with 6 different colours, making two flowers with each. Then I attached them to a black chain that was 550 stitches long, creating a garland to cover a wall that is 7 1/2 feet wide. The flowers are attached at 40 stitch intervals which left a few inches at either end of the garland for hanging.

The pattern suggests 100% cotton yarn, so the flowers would end up being stiff enough to lay flat. Follow-up : the second time I hung this (so, after these photos were taken), I flattened the flowers with a steam-iron set to the cotton (hot) setting, firmly pressing the back-side of each flower. This caused them to hang much more flatly. I recommend doing this.




maybelle-crocheted-flower-bunting-garland-free-pattern-wall decoration

Follow-up : After I took the pictures of the garland, I ironed the flowers by pressing them, from the backside, with a hot iron. Since they’re made of cotton, they can take the heat, and hang more nicely afterward.

Oh, and did I hear you ask for a picture of boycat Eddie with the floral garland? I thought I did!

eddie-with-flower-garland bunting

Thank you for taking a look,
xo loulou