Snuggly Kitty : A Crocheted Toy


This is Snuggly Kitty. He’s a crocheted toy I made for the little girl of our friends Julie and Guy, who gave him his cute name.

I mentioned going to the yarn store called Romni Wools last month (in this post) and this is what (who?) I made with what I found there.


I’d love to give fellow crocheters the pattern but he just came together as I went along. I had no idea exactly what he’d look like in the end, and to be truthful the crocheted cat in my mind’s eye when I began was a female, but lo and behold he turned out looking much more like a he-cat.

In a nutshell this is how I made this crocheted stuffed cat : All stitches were single crochets. The legs and arms were made separately. Then the legs were attached to one another and the torso was created. The arms were crocheted onto the torso at what seemed to be the right place. The tail was made, stuffed a little bit, and then sewn on with yarn. The legs, arms and torso were filled with stuffing (using a chopstick to get it where I wanted it) and the torso was closed up at the neck. The head (starting with a chain of about 10 stitches, which was then crocheted around, to ultimately form a filled in U-shape, open at the top), ears (which were two triangular pieces crocheted together to make a front and a back) and cheek parts of the face were crocheted as separate parts. The cheeks were sewn on with yarn, with a tiny amount of stuffing under them to make them stick out a bit. The face was embroidered on. Then the head was stuffed and closed up in a single stitched seam across the top, which incorporated the ears. The head was attached to the torso with lots of stitches with yarn (I emphasize the ‘lots’ part because the last thing you want to cause a child is trauma brought on a beheaded toy!). The final step was to give him some leg joints so he could sit down, which was done by stitching (again with yarn) right through the legs where they meet the torso.




I’ve always been a bit of a random crocheter in that most of my projects are one-offs that form as I go along, but one of my goals for 2014 is to finally get one of my patterns properly written out so that others can follow it. I might try another cat and this time write down the exact stitch count etc. If you’re a crocheter, please let me know if you’d be interested in seeing this.




Of course, my loyal photo-bomber had to get in on the action …



You might remember this recent post on ‘Feather Gift Decorations’ … that is Snuggly Kitty inside the oblong wrapped gift.

This toy was fun to make and I was happy with the results. But more importantly, Lila was happy with her new friend! Check out her little hand holding his paw. <3little-girl-with-snuggly-kitty

Wishing you a very happy Caturday if you celebrate it, and a wonderful Saturday if you don’t.