Shopping For Yarn on Queen Street West : Romni Wools

romni-wools-sign toronto

Yesterday I took a trip to a yarn shop in the neighbourhood called Romni Wools. To say I found a lot to choose from for the crochet project I had in mind is an understatement. There is so much gorgeous yarn in this place that you almost have to see it to believe it. I just have to let the pictures do the talking, as far as showing you the huge selection goes, but keep in mind that I only took pictures on the main floor of the store. There is also a jam packed huge basement, stocked with all kinds of discounted choices too.

Romni Wools has been in business for more than 40 years and carries hundreds of brands of yarn from around the world, specializing in natural fibres including silks, cottons, linens, mohairs, angoras. wools and some blends. When I was there I overheard a woman asking for bamboo and she was lead straight to a large selection of that. There are also lots of knitting needles, crochet hooks and other equipment for sale too.

I’d venture to say that few people living around here can remember a time that Romni Wools wasn’t part of the neighbourhood, as it has been there at 658 Queen Street West (north side, one major block west of Bathurst St.) for a good 30 years. It is still owned by one of the original founders of the store and is managed by her son. (She was actually in the store when I was.)



I’ve been there many times so should have known better than to tell Nick I’d be back in half an hour as I left the house, thinking that I’d just pop in and grab what I wanted. But I ended up getting swept in and spending over an hour in there. After declining the offers for help from the well informed staff, I wandered the isles, getting lost in the colours and textures, and dreaming about all the glorious things that could be made.








↑ A quick selfie amongst the goods! My hair is wonky because I took my hat off … it is still so darn cold here that one is a necessity when outside. St Paddy’s Day = Green Scarf ↑


I ended up finding something perfect for my project and got right to work on it last night. I love how it’s turning out … I’m being mysterious because I’m making a gift for someone, but I’ll show you what I bought and what I made with it in a follow-up post when I’m done.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope your Tuesday is going well.
xo loulou