Good Times : First Thursdays at the Art Gallery

drinks at ago first thursday

Julie and Guy invited us for a really neat night out last Thursday, a monthly party at the art gallery (the AGO) held on the first Thursday of every month. They had been a few times before and thought it was something we would like. And we both really did like it.

It was nice out so we walked over.

This event, described on the gallery's site as 'the 1st Thursday of every month, when the party starts after they close', is something new to me.

There was an area with a dj spinning upbeat dance tunes (Maylee Todd), a performance by a live band (The Sadies), and several bars and food stations set up in different areas of the gallery. There were also a couple of spots where people could participate creating their own artwork - a self-portrait and a collage. On top of all those extras, there was also the art to look at too. And you can add excellent people watching opportunities to the list of attributes as well. It was different, interesting and really fun.

first thursday galleria italia ago

dj maylee todd at ago first thursday

↑ dj Maylee Todd in the Galleria Italia ↑

the darcys at ago first thursday

↑ The Darcys in Walker Court ↑

self portraits ago first thursday

↑ People drawing self-portraits ↑

collage table ago first thursday

↑ Making collages ↑

Clearly this event is a great idea because it was very well attended. It was crowded enough to feel you were at a party, but not so crowded that you couldn't find little pockets of space to chill out and talk with friends.

nick and julie

with julie ago

g and n first thursday ago

julie and guy

at ago

julie looking at art


looking at shell vessels ago

nick with frames 3

julie with evan penny art

↑ Julie reacting to the art of Evan Penny. I've previously posted more photos of his work here. ↑

closer look at a van gogh

↑ Good things come in threes. Taking a closer look at a Van Gogh. ↑

julie having pudding

↑ Pudding! ↑

People watching ...

vintage dress at ago first thursday

people at ago first thursday 2

people at ago first thursday

I recommend checking it out if you're in Toronto. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door (but from what I've heard it sells out, so you might want to go the advanced ticket route.) Here is their link : AGO First Thursdays.

Thanks to Julie and Guy for sharing this fun experience with us.

And thank you for checking out what we've been up to.
xo loulou
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10 Responses to Good Times : First Thursdays at the Art Gallery

  1. Vix says:

    You get to go to some great events! Thanks for taking me with you! xxx

  2. Kim says:

    Fun! I’ll have to tell Chris about this!

  3. L A says:

    Looks like a fun event! Love that reaction shot. :)

    L A

    • Loulou says:

      Thanks LA. Yes, I like that one too. That piece of art was so strange to look at that it’s no wonder it elicited that reaction from Julie!

  4. Shoko says:

    this looks like so much fun! so nice to live vicariously through your photographs :)

  5. Julie says:

    that was a fun night, I love those AGO First Thursdays! So glad you and Nick could come with us. xo

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