Cat Mat Love

Do you know that feeling when you’ve given someone a gift, but you’re just not sure if the recipient loves it? Is your present something that will later be re-gifted?

We’ve probably all passed a gift along at some point. I’d rather give an item to someone who can use it, than hurt the feelings of the giver by saying I don’t like/need/want it. And besides, when someone re-gifts something you’ve given them, you’ve actually given them an enhanced present in that you have also saved the person valuable time that they would otherwise have spent shopping!

Anyway, this is all to say that the above described scenario was definitely NOT what occurred in our home recently, after Nick surprised Eddie with this little present of a mat. It was one of those, “I just want to give you something because I really appreciate having you in my life” things.

And it was very clear that boycat liked what he got very much. He didn’t even wait until the tags were removed before he claimed it with gusto!

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Happy Caturday xo