Bits and Pieces : October 2012

Hello! Here is my monthly post of the pictures I took during the month, that I thought were interesting but that would otherwise not find a home in any other post. I hope you like them!

( 1) Outdoor Chandelier : This beautiful light fixture was spotted outside, hanging over the patio of a restaurant within a very old building. Wouldn’t it be neat to have such a light fixture in your outdoor living space? Actually, this one was huge and made of cast iron, so I think it would be a bit much for my patio anyway, but maybe a mini-version. I wonder if they take it in for the winter, as it looks like it would be vulnerable to the elements.

( 2) This array of fall colour was found within a sliver of a park south of Spadina and King, called Clarence Square. It is one of the oldest parks in the downtown core of Toronto. Frankly, it really wasn’t a very nice spot to linger in the past, but my recent visit revealed a complete overhaul of the paths and fixtures. It was surrounded by fencing so I couldn’t go in, but it looks like it will be very pretty indeed.

( 3) I loved the look of these mannequins in a store window at The Bay Queen Street Store.

( 4) This strip of building, located on Queen Street West would have been built in the late 1800s to early 1900s. They are ones that people walk under all the time, but probably don’t look up to see the tops of very often. When I took this I was on my way to get concert tickets for a band I love called The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and the show is tonight! woot. excited.

( 5) Happy Bike. ’nuff said.

( 6) I happened upon this basement art studio, in a building near the financial district. Not sure what it’s all about but loved the contrast of seeing art being created in the midst of big business. I also love that unfinished piece of the woman’s head. I so wonder what her face turned out to look like.

( 7) This old building is located at King and Bathurst. I love its old green shutters, that would be original to the building, which I would estimate was built in about 1905. This area is changing dramatically these days, with the addition of fancy condo buildings, restaurants and nightclubs, so I imagine those shutters will be taken down in the not too distant future, as while they are very charming, they are looking a little shabby. Maybe someone will refurbish them.

( 8) I just love this door, welcoming guests into a shop in Kensington Market. I moose go in some time. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

( 9) I followed this couple with my camera as they made their way down the street, until I could get a shot with no cars in the traffic filled road in front of them. I liked how happy they were to be spending time with one another. Their laughter was loud and the boy was sort of dancing all around the girl. I would have loved the shot to be just the two of them, but as you can see, I had run out of time and they were just about to cross the road, and go out of sight.

(10) There are so many road signs around that I no longer take note of them, but I liked this one because it tells a little story of my beloved city. Here in Toronto we have electric streetcars as part of our public transportation system (in addition to subway trains and regular buses). The streetcars run on a track in the road and have a arm on their roofs that connect to wires that deliver the electricity to power them. The first streetcar began running in 1861, at a time that Toronto was a very young city, so they are fully ingrained in our history.

(11) I cannot tell you why this United Beef Products sign was located where it was, between two houses within a residential area. I can’t imagine that there is some sort of beef production going on in there, but there might be, I guess. It’s a bit of a mystery to me.

These next two photographs actually would have had a home in a previous post during the month, but I forgot to include them. They were taken for my Take Tuesday submission for the theme : Numbers.

(12) A colourful front yard of a vintage clothing store in Kensington Market, called Dancing Days, but I forfeited the work ‘days’ in order to avoid including the line of cars parked along the street.

(13) I loved how the shadow of this handmade steel address sign merged with the graffiti on the corrugated metal siding, making it look like some sort of a hanging lamp.

Thank you very much for taking a look. I hope you’re having a good Monday.