Caught in the Act : Cat Gets His Prize


There’s no doubt that I will miss sitting in this chair outside once the weather turns. By the look of the weather today, my sessions out there are numbered for this year. But you never know because a couple of days last week we had gorgeous sunny weather with temperatures in the upper 20s.

These pictures were taken last Sunday. There was nothing on my agenda in the afternoon so I made myself a nice cup of Cafe au Lait, and brought it and my recently thrifted light flannel blanket, along with a book, outside for a spell.



↑ My chair ↑

Oh yes, I also brought Ed out too, hoisted up on my shoulder, while my hands were filled with everything else.


↑ His chair ↑

He knows this routine, as it has been played out throughout the summer. There is another big chair, exactly like mine, also out on the deck, situated very close by. Before setting him down I put his chair-pad down to make his chair nice and comfy.

We have two chair-pads, a newer one that is thick and fits the chair perfectly, and an old one that is thinner and was actually bought for a plastic lounging chair. (It is gone now, left near the sidewalk with a ‘Take Me, I’m Free’ sign on it. It disappeared quickly.)

Somehow cat knows the difference between these two chairs, and while he will sit and snooze on his with no problem for as long as I am seated in mine, the moment I get up this happens.

I don’t usually see the theft going down as the reason I’ve vacated the chair is that I’ve gone inside for one reason or another. I just usually return to find he has moved over. But this time, I saw it all unfold, beginning about 10 seconds after I had gotten up.










I have three siblings and when we were young, if we remembered to say “Seat Saved” when we got up while watching tv, the others could not move into it while we were gone. It was a rule and we stuck by it. Too bad this doesn’t work with Eddie.

Happy Caturday to you. Hope you’re having a great weekend so far.
xo loulou
and Eddie too