Bits and Pieces : September 2013

Hello and welcome. This is the monthly post where I put a selection of the photographs I took during the month, which didn’t fit in anywhere else. I hope you like them.

I’ll begin with this mini series of flowers I found on the ground, all within the same walk. You can see that it started to rain while I was out …




It’s neat how these neighbours cooperatively painted their homes in a series of complimentary pink shades.


I loved the clouds here. The low one story building on the right, won’t be there much longer as the site is slotted for a tall new condo development.


This weed is called Nightshade (which is a toxic cousin to tomatoes). Just before I took this picture a small boy was walking by with his parents and asking what it was. I knew but didn’t want to be Miss-Barge-Into-Other-People’s-Conversation, so I held my tongue.


This small plane flew overhead as I was sitting outside in my favourite chair, when I just so happened to be holding my camera.


While on the topic of planes, I liked this sticker stuck to a mailbox.


A bike parked in an alley.


Happened upon some filming being done in a park.


Also some hoops being dunked.


Some vintage mailboxes amoungst a happy wall.


I used to live up the street from this building and never really noticed how neat it is. Nick and I walked over to the neighbourhood of College, (which becomes Carlton), and Yonge street, to go to a place called The Bulk Barn.

This was following this road trip to Cobourge, where we found the British snack called Twiglets. The Bulk Barn was listed on the web as the best place in the city to find British foods, so we went to check it out. But they didn’t have Twiglets. They did have an amazing array of other things though, and we ended up having some fun getting a bit of this and a bit of that. In case you’ve never been to suck a store, they have aisle after aisle of bins that you help yourself to, filling little bag with a scoop, and then they weigh your selections at the cash. I initially thought the stuff would be picked over and/or stale, but either they had just refilled all the bins with brand new goods, or the turnover is really fast, because the stuff we chose was very good. There was a pretty long line-up to check out, so clearly it was a popular. Now we want to go back there again!


I liked how neatly these wheelbarrows had been left at the end of a workday.


Thanks for taking a look. Wishing you a good Friday and weekend to come.
xo loulou