Bits and Pieces : April 2013

Hi. Here is the post where I put the photos I’ve taken during the previous month, that didn’t fit into any other post. I try to be selective when choosing them so that only interesting shots are included. Hope you like them.












(1) Pears on a green plate. Playing with the 50mm lens Nick got me for Christmas.
(2) Gangnam Bhangra Style sticker. This picture turned out more interesting than I had expected because I was just trying to shoot the sticker and then when I looked at the picture noticed that it looks like he is dancing on the stair landing that was behind the glass door.
(3) Big Beer in the City. Thirsty?
(4) Last Snow. This year it was on April 12th.
(5) Rain on Forsythia flowers.
(6) Cute Blue House. Even though it is half the size of any other on the street, this house caught my eye with its good cheer.
(7) Red and Black Bike. I’m not a huge fan of motorcycles but thought this one was pretty neat looking.
(8) Waiting for the lights to change on Queen Street West. The gate I am behind is this one at Trinity Bellwoods Park.
(9) Old Sign. Gold’s Used Appliances, one of the oldest shops on Queen Street West, has recently shut down and now has a ‘For Lease’ sign in the window.
(10) Snowman Post. Caught sight of this leftover from the winter months waiting to be stored away.
(11) Unattractive Street Art. This is what happened when the city hired someone of paint a mural. This is just a small part of a big painting in a very prominent place, that I personally find unattractive. Ok, there is a problem with unlawful graffiti in the city but I don’t think sanctioned murals like this are the answer, given that there are so many talented artists out there able to paint beautiful art who would be happy to be legally given such a large canvas. That said, this is much better than a wall covered in the random tags which were there before.