Pie with Laura in Kensington Market


Last Monday I met a friend I made through blogging, Laura, in real-life for the second time. We went to her favourite place in the city, Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, in Kensington Market.

Before we had ever met in real life, I had done a post especially for her, because, while she lives in France, she comes from Toronto and she misses it. So it made sense that we return to the pie shop for this visit.

We decided to take a walk around a bit first, before going inside.




Monday started out as a very rainy and cool day, but the rain let up long enough to allow for our little walk through the market. Then Laura kindly bought me a piece of pie at Wanda’s. I went for the lemon meringue, which was dreamy. There were bits of candied lemon peel in the custard part. So good. Laura had some rhubarb-strawberry pie.




The thing that was very clear the first time we met and again this time is that she and I have plenty to talk about. She is a darling bright person who I am very happy to have met through this world of blogging.




The jacket is something that Nick bought for me when he was on Canada’s west coast. The brand is called Leopards and Roses. It does a very good job at cheering things up when skies are grey.

I picked the scarf up from a muddy puddle last year. You don’t believe me? It’s true. I had passed it several times over the period of a few days, as it lay sopping wet by the edge of the sidewalk. Then I decided that I was just too curious to see what exactly it was, so I returned with a plastic bag and scooped it up. After examining it outdoors I saw that it was a scarf that looked nice except for the fact that it was muddy from having been dropped and left on the ground. So I washed it off very well and have quite enjoyed wearing it. (Is that gross? I hope not.)



Laura’s boots are Marc Jacobs, and she had bought them used in Kensington Market (at Courage My Love) on an earlier trip there. The market has two streets dedicated to some of the best second-hand shopping in the city. Her coat is from H&M.

Thank you for taking a look. I am happy to say that a week has made a tremendous difference weather-wise, because it is quite gorgeous outside here now. I hope that the same can be said for where you are.

xo loulou