Loving Lately : The Plant Car in Kensington Market

Hard not to love this plant filled car parked on a street in Kensington Market. It has been there a long time, since 2006, having started as a community art project. It originally belonged to a local restaurant which was allowed to park it out front, as long as they had car insurance for it. The restaurant has since closed its Kensington location and I can’t tell who has taken responsibility for it now. But clearly it is being maintained and the crop of vegetables and herbs is doing very well.

I especially love that it is sanctioned by the City of Toronto and bears their logo artistically painted on its back bumper. I guess they had to give it some sort of a city marking so that it won’t get a parking ticket. I mean you just can’t plant a dirty car anywhere in the city and just leave it there, right?!

I know I have shared my love of Kensington Market here before. The affair continues with a weekly visit for our fruits and vegetables, which are as fresh as can be, since the vendors pick them up at the food terminal every morning and just open a d sell from the original cartons, packed by the farmers.

It is truly a laid back place, where there is always so much to see and where Christmas decorations sometimes hang all year ’round!

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that many people live in Kensington Market too. Homes and apartments mix right in with the shops and restaurants.

Do you have something in particular that you are loving lately? I’d really like to know!
xo loulou