Embroidery on Felt

These embroidery on felt projects were inspired by my awful case of seasonal allergies this year! (Ha, you never know when and why an idea to create something will strike!) I wanted to make a tissue holder to put in my date-night purse that was more attractive than the zip-lock plastic bag I was currently using. Yes, I could just use those little packages of tissues but I find they get pretty ratty looking before the tissues are all used up. I wanted something pretty because it was inevitable that I’d be pulling it out of my purse during any given outing.

The idea to embroider on felt came from a recent visit to a brand new fabric store that has opened into our neighbourhood. I could not resist the tidy display of gorgeously coloured pieces of felt and the carousel of equally lovely colours of embroidery thread. The possible combinations were mind boggling!

The design of the tissue pouch, with its ‘flip-top’ opening, is based on those plastic sandwich bags … you know the type? Once I fill it with tissues and flip the embroidered top over, I can just reach into the fold to help myself without opening it up every time. Handy!

Below is a photo that will help you figure out how to fold the tissue holder. Note that the extra piece on top is included to cover the messy back-side of the embroidery …


BUT, not everyone is going to want/need a tissue holder, so really this post is more about the joy of embroidering on felt in general. To further demonstrate, I made a little pouch which I will use to hold a ring or small jewellery pieces when I’m traveling, as I have never been one to sleep with any jewellery on so need a safe place to put it. But you could make a holder for business cards, sun-glasses, subway tokens … well, anything you need, really.

Below is a picture showing how to cut the two pieces to make a small pouch …



Basically, you cut the felt pieces to the size you need. Embroider on them first, and then sew together using a blanket stitch.  

If you would like extra information on how to make these pieces, please let me know in the comments or send me an email.

Thanks for checking out my post! I am happy you dropped by.