Embroidery on Felt : A Black Cat Decoration


Here’s a small black cat I made from felt, embroidery thread, a bit of stuffing and a couple of mismatched buttons.

This project was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest of similarly made cat-heads, that were made into brooches.  (The image was very old and unfortunately I can’t find the original source.)  I added a body of my own design to make a felt figurine that can be leaned up or hung to display.

The stitching around the edges is the blanket stitch (nicely demonstrated in this Youtube video). The front legs and the base of the tail are attached by whip stitching. There’s a small bit of stuffing under the front legs. I love how my regular colours of embroidery thread look florescent against the black felt.

If you’d like to give making one a try here are the self explanatory photos I took of the process :


↑ Cut out two head pieces and two bodies (without tail). ↑


↑ Then, cut pattern to separate legs and tail. ↑

Cut out one felt leg piece, one full tail piece and one partial tail piece.


↑ Make head by embroidering face and attaching button eyes to one piece.  Then attach two head pieces together, adding a bit of stuffing between them. ↑


Blanket stitch small piece of tail to end of whole tail.  Slip stitch to one body piece.

Attach legs to second body piece, adding a bit of stuffing as you go.  Blanket stitch to body pieces at the bottom.

Blanket stitch around rest of body, adding some stuffing between layers.

Using black thread, attach head to body.


I love how he turned out! This was one of those fun and quick little makes that bring a smile. And being a black cat, Halloween is the perfect time to display the wee guy.

Thank you kindly for taking a look,
xo loulou