A Celebration of Friendship


It’s been said before that making new close friends as we become adults can be difficult. And so I think that any connections that click should be celebrated, right? This is a post about exactly that … Julie and I went out for dinner and toasted our friendiversary. Luckily, schedules allowed us to dine together on the exact date, two years after our first meeting.

Any readers who dropped by here back then would have seen this post, which was about the night we met. Nick and I had gone to the release party for a book of poetry written by our friend Nyla. Not knowing anyone there except for Nyla, who understandably was very busy with all of her guests, we enjoyed the evening sitting towards the back of the room. Just before heading home, I went to get my copy of Sumptuary Laws signed. As I waited, a friendly person who was also waiting to get her book signed, said hi. And that was Julie.

Right from our first brief meeting, it was obvious that we had a lot to talk about. One topic we touched upon was the fact that we both had blogs (She is also a talented poet, (her book, Tangle), and a knitter with this blog called ‘Knitted Bliss’). It was through our blogs that we kept in touch and got to know one another at the beginning.

Since then we’ve gotten together regularly and here we are, two years later, out celebrating this friendship … and still with plenty to talk about!

On Friday, we went to Politica for dinner.


↑ We shared an appetizer of calamari, served on a bed of arugula, with an interesting garnish of preserved lemons. ↑


↑ For my main course I had the ravioli special, which had lobster in it. ↑


↑ Julie loves eggplant so went for one of their pizzas, called ‘Eggplantisico’. ↑

She left a couple of slices to bring home, to leave room for dessert!



↑ Vanilla Creme Brulee, with two spoons. ↑

Because it has consumed my world for the past two months, it feels like I go on and on about the fact that I had foot surgery on August 21st. Well, this is the last you’ll hear about it, because this date with Julie marked the first time I was out socially, back on my feet and wearing normal shoes. Yes, they are still those same flat lace-up canvas shoes that I’ve been wearing for ages because of my foot problem, but it won’t be long until all that will be history. So I guess I had that to celebrate too! In this picture I am at the door, just before heading out (so the pictures are out of order). It was such an event that Nick was there with the camera, as though I was setting off for my first day of school.

Since it was the week before Halloween I decorated my jacket with a vintage pumpkin brooch that I got from ebay about 5 years ago but always forget to pull out at this time of year. This time I remembered it.


Cheers to new friends and long-time friends and online friends. You are all to be cherished and appreciated, as indeed you are by me!

Thanks for dropping over,
xo loulou