The Old Gate at Trinity Bellwoods Park


I’ve mentioned that I like to spend time in a park in our neighbourhood, called Trinity Bellwoods. Back from 1852 to 1925 the park was actually the grounds of a university, and although the school amalgamated with the University of Toronto in 1925, and those buildings have long since been torn down (except for the former womens’ residence which is now a home for the aged), the original gate is still standing today, (at Queen Street West and Strachan Avenue). It was erected in 1903.

Today I have some pictures of this gate, both historic ones taken in the early 1900s, and some I have taken.

In this first historic shot, taken in 1916, you can see the university building through the gate …

historic-photo-trinity-bellwoods gate looking north

My shots, taken January 2013 …

walking-through-trinity-bellwoods gate winter 2013


A second historic shot taken in 1913, looking south towards Queen Street West …

historic-photo-trinity-bellwoods gate looking south

My photos taken in October 2012 …

looking-south-towards-trinity bellwoods gate


and taken in December …

trinity-bellwoods-gate-fall 2012

But this gate hasn’t just magically stayed there for 110 years. Since it has been deemed a historic site by the city, they take care of and repair it. In fact, this past summer the gate spent much time behind a barrier while being repaired. These pictures were taken in August.

trinity-bellwoods-gate-repair summer 2012

(This was all fenced in and I got the picture by putting my camera between the slats. I’m just saying that because by the looks of the shot, anyone could have walked away with those pieces of ancient pillar and made themselves a lovely garden feature!)

repairing-trinity-bellwoods gate

An aspect I particularly like about the gate is that there are cobble stones at its base. They look really old, so I imagine they are original, although I can’t say for sure. There are very few spots in the city where you can see cobble stones though.

Thanks very much for taking a look. I hope your Friday is a good one!
xo loulou