A Cute Sparrow Came a Calling


We have this window in our kitchen, that we both love to stand at and look out of. Until last year, we always had a piece of furniture in front of it but after taking that out for some work going on in that room, we realized that nothing should deter our access to this most favoured spot in our home.

From this perch on the second floor, there is always something interesting to see. We often stand there, arm in arm for a better fit, and talk, while we gaze at the world outside our window.

In the winter months when the leaves are off the tree situated just beyond it, we get a full view of the goings on in the street. To see are many cute dogs being walked, bikes being ridden, and cool fashionable downtown dwellers out and about on foot.

In the summertime when the leaves are on the tree, the spot transforms into a treetop oasis, and you’d barely know there was a large city out there.

So the other day I was treated to a visit by this sparrow while I sipped my morning coffee. (I know he is a he because of his colouring, as females sparrows are more a uniform browny-beige colour.) He flew to this branch but my camera was not by my side. I considered going to get it, but then thought there was no way the bird would wait for me.

But he did choose to wait. So I ran to get the camera and speedily changed lenses in order to zoom in with my telephoto. Birdie allowed me to get some front view shots, then turned around to show me (and subsequently you) his handsome tail plumage.

Then, as quickly as he appeared there, he was gone.






Now, these sparrows are very common birds in Toronto all year round, so there is nothing remarkable about seeing one. But in all my years of taking pictures I have never been able to get such close-up photos, unmarred by movement blur. It was a rare little gift that I was happy to have been offered.

Here’s hoping your week is going well.
xo loulou