Bits and Pieces : July 2013

Hello and welcome! Here is my monthly post where I put up photographs taken during the previous month that I liked, but that didn’t find a home in any other story. I try to choose interesting shots and I hope you agree that they are.










(1) This neon cocktail sign always cheers me up when I see it. Not because I go into this restaurant on King Street West to grab a drink often, but I love the colours and the fact that it is neon, rather than LED as most lighted signs are nowadays.

(2) And speaking of neon and cheerful sights … this row of bikes for sale in front of a shop on Bathurst. I love that the manufacturer made the exact same bike but in a variety of nice colours. Beats my basic grey and black one.

(3) Love in Little Italy. I’m not into all works of graffiti, especially when it defaces someone’s property, leaving the property owner responsible for cleaning it up, or else they can be fined. But I thought this single word in a heart was cute.

(4) This antique store on Queen Street West seems to have been there forever (although it moved over a couple of storefronts a few years ago when the building it formerly was burned almost to the ground and had to be demolished). It’s a great spot called Abraham’s that I’ve bought some one-of-a-kind things for our place, particularly a large frame that I had fitted with a mirror, which I use every single day as it hangs in our front foyer (you can see a picture of it in this post).

(5) I’d never noticed this narrow gap in the buildings, allowing a good view of the CN Tower from King Street West.

(6) This creative door featuring the Toronto skyline is actually the front door of a strip-club on King Street West, called ‘For Your Eyes Only’. I can’t really say why they put so much work into their doorway, as it has nothing to do with what lays within. I also wonder how long the place will be in business, because the neighbourhood it is in is changing by the minute, going quite up scale. (For the record, I’ve been inside once for a Stagette party (aka Hen Night), which was actually pretty fun.)

(7) No matter how often I see them, cops of horseback always catch my attention. Of course, they represent a small part of our police force, and we also have them riding in cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

(8) I loved how this bike matches the building it is parked beside so well.

(9) Our neighbourhood is one of the city’s oldest, with most of the houses being the first ones built on what was before farmland. That being the case, it is interestingly mixed, with residential places right alongside commercial businesses and warehouses. Albeit most of the warehouse in the area have or are in the process of being turned into condos, but some places, like this old garage still carry on as always.

Thank you for taking a look. Wishing you a great Thursday.
xo loulou