Out for dinner with a New Friend


Last year in October, while at this event, a friendly person named Julie said hello and we struck up a conversation. This led to a discussion about blogging, and the fact that she kept one too. Hers is here and features her mad knitting skills.

Thanks to reading and commenting on each other’s blogs we kept in touch and got to know one another, seeing one another a couple of times over the summer. She is a very creative person who is not only a very talented knitter, she is also a published poet. Nick and I had the pleasure of attended her book launch in July (here) in July. I have really enjoyed her book and am in awe of the creative way she gets her thoughts down on paper. Then later that month she came to the ladies’ get together I had (discussed here).

And last Thursday we went out for our first one-on-one outing. (You might recognize the restaurant we chose from when I was there with another nice new friend, Andrea (here, a couple of weeks ago, the Pizzaria Libretto.)




We shared a Margherita Pizza (cheese, tomato and fresh basil), and also tried a couple of their arugula salads. I was really taken by one served with slices of pear, Piave cheese, and walnuts, with a wine dressing. Mmmm, so good. To drink we each had one of their home-brewed beers and some coffee. For dessert we shared a delicious dish called Sfingi, which are traditional Italian doughnuts, that came in a lemon sauce. It was amazingly good.

You know how when sometimes you go out with someone and you discover you don’t have much to talk about? Well, that was the opposite of what happened on this evening. We had loads to discuss and still didn’t feel like we got it all out. That just means we’ll have to do it again!


I wore this vintage plaid shirt in a Western style. It’s a man’s shirt that I nabbed from Nick’s closet. It was a gift from his sister. I love its red pearly snap buttons and the blue suedette details. My necklace was a gift from my sister and the purse is a Kenneth Cole one that I bought years ago.



I treasure my new, long-time and online friends. You all make my world go around.
xo loulou