Out for Pizza With a Friend


My fun new friend Andrea and I were keen to get to know one another better, so we met for pizza last Thursday. We went to Pizzeria Libretto (on Ossington) and the place was packed. That’s not surprising because the food and atmosphere are really good there.

To drink we each tried one of their home-brewed beers, and shared a couple of pizzas. One of our choices had Porcini Mushrooms and Gorgonzola and the other had Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil and Bocconcini (which I just discovered are simply small balls of mozzarella). It may look like a lot of food in the picture, but their pizzas have the most delicate thin crusts, so they’re not overly filling. Even so, we didn’t get through it all so I took the lefties home for Nick.

I read on their site that the pizzas only take 90 seconds to cook in their hand built 900 degree wood-burning oven.






The pictures are out of order because these shots of my outfit were taken before I headed out …




This pale coloured blouse (made by Peridot) is a new one and an effort to step out of my comfort zone with a shade and style that I’ve never worn before. My bracelets and bag are vintage, found on ebay.

This was my first wearing of tights for the season but really I didn’t need them yet, as it ended up being quite warm, in spite of a weather forecast that said otherwise.

I had also brought along a vintage mohair shawl that all I ended up doing was carrying to and from.

Here’s to the drawn out ending of summer.



It was a gorgeous evening, with terrific company and delicious food, making it a great night out overall.



An enchanting balcony spotted on the way home

Thanks for taking a look,