A Sunset, Fancy Car and Possibly the Best Bike Ever


Hello and happy Friday to you! I’ve got a bit of a mishmash today, but if it helps with the ‘Why?’, I saw all these things on the same day, a week ago Thursday.

Let’s start at the end, with the sunset I walked through on my way to this pizza dinner lady-date.

These shots were taken at around 7:15, a point that will become more relevant in a couple of months when it will be dark as night by 5pm around here.





I like how Toronto was originally set up with long streets that go directly east/west, so you get to walk amongst beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the morning and evening, but still find a shady side of the street at all other times of the day, while the sun sweeps along the south.

Not that I’m up-and-at-it often to see the sunrise part!

I passed this school built in 1915, that is being renovated and converted into artists studios that you buy like condos. See here for more. It sure makes me wish money was no object because having one of those would be very nice indeed!


Moving back in time, during a walk to the store I saw this Maserati. I’m quite certain I hadn’t seen one before then, but by total coincidence, yesterday as we were driving home from an appointment, this very same car whizzed by us. I know it was the same because I had my mini camera with me as always, and still had the original shots of the parked car on it, so I checked the license plate. Same car. I have to say that the throaty rumble of that engine as it passed us on the highway was something to behold.




But I don’t drive myself and am quite happy with the rides I get in Nick’s Mustang, so I was more taken by this cool looking bicycle I saw locked up on Adelaide Street. Have you ever seen such a beaut? It’s a Martone and you can get it in a range of colours. This person went with silver and a red chain, which is the same one I would pick if I didn’t have a nearly new bike already, although the red one is pretty sweet too.




And one more thing, while you’re reading this rambly post … Do you care to take a virtual walk through Paris today? I did just that this morning by looking at the photographs posted by this blogger, of his trip with his wife to that wonderful city. My goodness, I so want to ditch the virtual walk and take a real one among those streets.

Wishing you a terrific Friday and a fun-filled weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting a group of people I used to work with for drinks tonight.
xo loulou