A Summer Evening Ladies’ Party


On Wednesday I hosted a get together for my female friends. Aside from just wanting to have a fun party outside, I wanted them to meet and get to know one another. And for those who already knew one another, to give them the opportunity to relax and have a laugh together.

In all there were 14 of us on what turned out to be a perfect evening for the occasion. I worried about that because a few days earlier a rainy day was in the forecast, but it stayed away. We would have just moved it inside if it had rained but I had my heart set on making the most out of summer by having an outdoor party.

The night before I made all the food that could be made ahead of time. Since the party began at 6pm, with most people heading over straight after work, I made sure to have plenty for them to eat.

I found it to be a very good time and my friends seemed to agree, which was the whole point.




↑Christine holding Crostini!↑


One thing I didn’t remember to do was bring out my camera to get some shots while the light was still bright, and while everyone was still there. Sadly I missed getting a picture of a few people.

There were only two other things I forgot. First, after planning for lighting on the path to and from the deck, I completely forgot to light the candles. (The Martha Stewart in me is sad about that, and hopes that nobody twisted an ankle in the dark.)

Secondly, I completely forgot to put out a nice salad that my friend Meghan made. It was watermelon and feta cheese, a combo I’d never tried before. But while I wished I had shared it, Nick and I were secretly happy I hadn’t because we got to eat it ourselves the next day, along with some other leftovers. A shout-out to party leftovers for dinner!

These are the snapshots I got during the actual party. I’ll be back with follow-up posts showing the food, drinks and decor. Oh and on Saturday I’ll do a post about Eddie the party animal cat. He was one popular dude.






↑ Izzy and I often end up wearing coordinating outfits but this was extreme! ↑

Thanks for taking a look,