Eddie’s Thoughts : I am a Party Animal


Hi friends. It’s Eddie the Boycat here. You know that Loulou had some lady friends over last week, right? Well, I’m here to tell you about my role in the goings-on.

I could certainly tell something was up around here, so I first checked to see if there were any suitcases being packed. That’s usually the sign that my life is about to change for a while with my people abandoning me. I’m ok with that though because I love my baby-sitters. I just really like to know when something is going on so I’m always on the lookout for change.

But this time I was wrong about my impending abandonment as there were no suitcases, so I checked out the back deck where all the hub-bub seemed to be going on. Wow, that place was a mess with everything out of place. Lou was out in the side-yard spraying the hose and washing chairs.

After trying to help her out there but not really appreciating all the flying water that was involved, I took advantage of the situation and found a very nice spot to rest, while things were out of order.



But soon enough she had to ask me to get up while she continued to rearrange the outdoor furniture. I am a brave cat and stood my ground while furniture was being moved all around me.



Finally it looked liked things were settling down out there, so I sneaked up into the chair that I know belongs to her. I like to use it when she’s not though, because it is the most comfortable.




She was inside cleaning the washroom so I was free to relax. By the way, this is my favourite decoration in the washroom.


When she was done inside, Lou spotted me in her chair and asked me to get down. This usually only happens when she is approaching with her book or ipad, and a glass of something with ice-cubes in it. But this time there was no cold drink in her hand … she was asking me to vacate the chair because that was a spot for company to sit.

I wasn’t very happy about having to move and I protested a bit, but I had other things to do anyway so I got down.


I wanted to check out something new I had spotted in the side-yard. You know that I always have to check out anything new that comes into my house or yard. Each shopping bag or unread newspaper has to get a thorough sniffing, every single time.

This time I had to take a look at some coloured felt things that Lou had thumb-tacked to the fence that I like to walk along, while surveying the perimeter of my land. It was fluttery and pretty and seemed to be behaving itself, so I let it hang out.



I went to talk to my friend Statue. (I call him Stu for short.) He too had sensed something was up around here. We tried to figure out what was going on.



Then we spotted a lady I had never met before, coming through the gate. I jumped into action to meet her, and walked her back to the deck where Lou was.



Then I went back down the path to see if anyone else was coming. Sure enough, there was a stream of ladies who required an escort down the path. I overheard a couple of them tell Lou that I had done a very good job showing them where the party was. This made me feel proud.



And you know what? Until last Wednesday, I had no idea I was such a ladies’ man. I mean, I knew I was pretty cute, because people often said I was, but I didn’t really know the extent of my magic touch. They all seemed very happy to meet me, and I allowed them each to pet me a bit, and give me a scratch under the chin.


Lou later told me that between the 14 of them there were 12 cats including me. And no dogs. I have my opinion about that but will keep it to myself.

Well, I am older than I look. I know I have a kitteny face, and I have kept my age secret from Lou so even she doesn’t know exactly how old I am, but I ain’t no spring chicken. I have lived here for 11 years now and I had spent some time on the streets before moving in, so I have some years under my belt.

This is all to say, that the party got I bit much for me. So while I by no means went to hide away from the fun, I moved over to a bench out of the way with our old blanket on it. That blanket actually kept wee baby Nick warm when he was a newborn.


Following a period of much chatting and laughing, people began to leave. They had to pass me on their way out, so I got plenty of pats on the head. It was very nice indeed. I like those ladies a lot.


Nick came home from being at the movies, and he and I moved some stuff into the house in case it rained overnight. I thought something should be done with the empty cans and bottles right then and there, but Lou decided she would deal with them in the morning.


So we all went to bed.

The next morning, things got all messed up out there on the deck again, while things were tidied up. I found the comfortable mat that came from Lou’s chair put up on a table. I made my move, and this time I won. I was allowed to lay there, and did so well into the afternoon. After all, I was a tired guy, as yesterday had been a very busy day.


Thank you for reading my story and happy Caturday to you.
With love from Eddie. xo