Eddie’s Thoughts On Decorating for the Holidays


Hey friends. Eddie here. Thought we could talk about holiday decorations from a cat’s point of view.

I seriously don’t understand why Loulou and Nick don’t see the fun in swatting at decorations hanging on the Christmas tree! I haven’t seen them try it even once, while I have been having a grand ole time with it. Too bad that the only ones I get to play with are the plastic ones that are hung on the bottom of the tree. I heard Lou say that they were specifically there for me, which is sweet of her. But I do wish she had thought to give me one of those glass elves. She has seven of them after all, that Nick got her as a surprise a few years ago, along with a Snow White ornament.






The fun began for me even before the tree was decorated though, because first all the ornaments had to be removed from their protective covering of white tissue paper. That stuff makes a dreamy bed.

I know I’m not really allowed up on the sofa, but I am pretty sure that nobody could see me there, amongst all that floofy paper. I’m a good hider when I want to be.




So my grand-humans will be coming here for Christmas, which I am very happy about. Well, except that I’m a bit nervous about them bringing my aunt-Dog Kiki along. She’s really cute and all, and everyone loves her but, I wonder, why does she have to drink out of my water bowl? Does she not know the meaning of personal boundaries? Sure, sometimes I sneak a drink out of Nick’s water glass, but he and I are close. And he really doesn’t mind, although he always plays this little game, as though he does mind.

Did you know that I have a sister? Her name is Daisy Lamb and she sits on the back of the sofa all year ’round. For the holidays, she got a pretty red bow to wear around her neck. She and I get along just fine, since she is not much of a talker and nor am I.



Sometimes she sits in the little chair that was hand-made by my female human’s mother’s sister’s father-in-law. That makes the builder of the chair pretty far removed from Daisy, but she still likes to sit in it. You can see a picture of her in the chair here.

The needlepoint heart was made by Loulou a long time ago, to decorate the top of the very first Christmas tree that she ever set up for herself.



There is also another cat living in our house. His name is Door Stop. Strange name, right? He too got a red bow to wear for Christmas. He is a pretty bossy guy and often blocks me from going into a room that I really really want to go into. But, like Daisy, he doesn’t talk much and I mostly leave him alone because he is very heavy for his size so I couldn’t knock him over if I tried. Let’s just say that he’s the strong silent type.


Anyway, thanks a lot for visiting the blog on my day here, Caturday. You’re the best.

Loulou asked me to tell you that she will be back tomorrow to show you more of the decorations she has put up. She and Nick are going out for a fancy dinner tonight so I will be baby-sitting Daisy and Door.

I am pretty sleepy now, so I think I’ll go back to my laundry basket bed. See you next week.

Love Eddie Boycat.