Themed Thursday : Bunnies, Lambs, Chicks and Ducks

Hello! I was quite surprised by how many things I had around the house that suit an Easter theme. I don’t remember actually setting out to collect the array of tableware that are in the form of chickens and ducks. Most are things I’ve had for ages that I found too cute to part with or that have sentimental significance. Oh, those darn sentimental feelings … they make for crowded cabinets!

(1) Daisy is the only stuffed toy of mine that I still have (I also have a couple of Nick’s from when he was little). I got her when I was already an adult though, after I found her perched on my bed after a visit from my mother, who came to see my very first (and only) apartment where I lived alone. Nowadays Daisy usually sits on the back of the sofa, where she reminds me of that special little home that I loved. The wooden chair was handmade by my aunt’s father-in-law, a man I never met personally, but the chair reminds me of my aunt who died much too young.
(2) My sister gave me this milk and sugar set. The milk pours out of the duck’s beak.
(3) These salt and pepper shakers were another gift from my sister.
(4) I painted and fired this duck basket while working my summer job during university. I worked the arts and crafts department at a home for the aged, a job I loved. I did it for several summers.
(5) This would be the item in these photos that I’ve had the longest. A high school friend brought it home for me from Austria when he went with his family. It was so thoughtful of him to carry this delicate little swan all the way home. It is tiny, standing only 3 inches tall and is marked with the maker on the bottom. I remember him telling me they had toured the place where it was made.
(6) An ex’s mother gave me this egg shaped crystal trinket box for Easter one year. I loved her so keep this on my dresser as a reminder of a lovely woman who influenced my life.
(7) This is a music box that you wind by turning the Ferris wheel itself. Then it spins slowly while playing the most delightful version of “It’s a Small World”. My mother gave me this to cheer me up during a rough patch in life once and I keep it in a glass cabinet in the bedroom to remind me to appreciate the happiness I have found.
(8) I bought this vintage Easter tablecloth from EBay. I was the only bidder and won it for only $9.99.
(9) These ‘new’ vintage tea towels. One day I’ll use them.
(10) I picked up these pastel coloured paper clips the other day. I could have bought the black ones, but why buy black when you can have can colours!

Thank you very much for taking a look. Do you save things for sentimental reasons?

xo loulou