Sitting Pretty For a Wee Bribe


As I begin this post I am reminded of a friend’s recent FB status update. To quote her, “Potty training success, finally! Now all we need to do is wean the kid off of jelly beans for every trip to the toilet!”

And while our Eddy Boycat is a child of a different sort, little bribes also work really well with him.

A couple of weeks ago (here) I wrote about some delicious treats that Ed received for Christmas. These pictures I am showing today were taken in between the shots I used to illustrate that previous post. All I had to do was offer a goodie and I was gifted with these big dreamy cat eyes!

It works like a charm every time. I say the word ‘treat’ and that head turns around so quickly that it’s a wonder he doesn’t get whiplash. I get such a response even when he is (pretending to be) asleep.






Of course, after I have resorted to such bribery, I have to follow through and actually give him something nice.


Thank you for dropping in!
Happy Caturday from Loulou and Eddie.