Out for Lunch with a Friend


On Sunday I met my friend Nyla at one of the oldest restaurants on Queen Street West. It’s called The Queen Mother Cafe and opened in 1978. (The building it is in is much older though, having been built in the mid 1800s.) All those years in operation and it’s still one of the best. If you go on any work day at lunch time and you might not get a table.



As it would with many long time resident of this neighbourhood, The Queen Mother, holds lots of memories, almost as though there are ghosts in there. In fact, Nick and I and all of his immediate family (except for one sister who couldn’t fly because she was very pregnant at the time) had brunch there the morning following our wedding. It was the only time since I’ve known them that we all got the chance to sit at a table together. (They’ve all been together since then of course, however without us, as they live far away.)

Nyla and I lucked out table-wise on Sunday, getting a coveted spot in the bay window. It was nice to sit in the sunlight and watch all the goings on, on busy Queen Street.




I usually get the same thing every time I go there … it’s a vegetarian burger made with grains and beans. It is so good! If I were to go back tomorrow, I would probably get it again. Nyla also chose it but without the pita bread, as she was saving room for a piece of pie.





Are there any places that you feel you’ve been going to forever?

Thanks for dropping over. I am going thrifting with my sister today. So excited to see what treasures lay in waiting!
xo loulou