Someone Found Himself a Sun Beam


You haven’t seen this guy featured here for a whole month so it’s high time, right? My lovely friend Sooae even clicked over last weekend to see him, but the weekly Pet Related Post had been usurped by this cute dog from the ‘hood.

Well now, let’s see if Eddie is doing anything interesting enough to warrant having his picture put on the internet …








This is how I found him this morning, basking in the briefest of sunny periods we had, on this first day with snow. I think he has the right idea. In fact, he likes the idea of laying in bed so much that he is back there again right now, after getting up briefly for a bit of lunch.

I just might join him for a wee cuddle.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you are having a fine Caturday.
xo loulou
and Eddie too

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