Oh, We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

This is a quickie post since right now I am in bed recovering from having had surgery on my foot on Tuesday. All went well and while I won’t be up and walking normally for a long time, I am feeling fine. Thank you for the kind notes and well wishes you have sent.

And thanks also goes out to my feline pal Eddie for help with the blog today.

I know these pictures aren’t that great, but there is no way I could ever recapture this scene to get better photos, so these will have to serve in showing you what I saw the other day. Although I only caught him with his eyes open, I looked over to find him fast asleep, with his wee head propped up in the curve of chair. It looked so cute. Of course, once I went near with the camera he woke up and moved, taking away a sight that was very likely a once in a lifetime thing.




Thanks for taking a look. I have plenty to show you next week! ‘Til then I hope you’re all well.
xo loulou