Drugstore Beauty Department Finds


As mentioned previously, I like to save the loyalty points I collect at Shoppers Drug Mart to use on items in their awesome beauty department. From time to time, they offer more bang-for-your-points in that department, so it makes for the ability to try out more products than I’d otherwise probably sample.

Here’s what I got on a recent trip …

Lise Watier Luminous Correcting Primer


I tend to blush easily, regardless of whether I have a reason to or not, so I asked their beautician for advice on something that would help with the redness. She recommended this Luminous Correcting Primer by Lise Watier.

I was a bit hesitant when she showed it to me because it is really quite green, but she explained how that colour counteracts redness and demonstrated by applying a tiny bit with a cotton swab, to one half of my face. Sure enough, the rosiness was noticeably reduced.

This product was from the Higher-End section and cost $40 for a small tube, however since I was using points, so basically getting it free, I added it to my basket.

I’ve used it a few times since bringing it home and it is very nice and takes a very small amount (I only use it to cover the areas that get red and then use my regular primer on the rest of my face). However, I noticed when I was there on a following visit that Maybelline has a similar looking product in their Master Prime line, that is less than half the price as this one, so being the thrifty person I am, I plan to try that one out when I need to repurchase. It’s a given, though, that I will be making a green primer a regularly used product.

Essence All-in-One Bronzing Highlighter and All About Matt Fixing Powder


So, here I went from a high-end item to a couple of things from the budget make-up line Essence. I tried and really like their eye shadow pencil that I showed in this post, so was curious to try out something else from that line. These were priced at only about $4 each, if I remember correctly, and they’re great! I would have never guessed they were so inexpensive if I didn’t already know.


While the fixing powder looks really white, it doesn’t come up that way on your skin. Lightly applied with your own fluffy brush, it immediately eliminates shine, and sets any foundation or concealer you have on. I even examined the results with a magnifying mirror and the finish was lovely and not chalky at all.

I wanted to get something like this specifically to set liquid concealer, after a couple of the make-up artists I watch on Youtube suggested doing so in order to keep it looking nice and smooth throughout the day. This seemed wrong to me at first, as I would have thought that adding powder under your eyes would make the area look dry and wrinkly, however the technique really does work. The trick is to apply it very lightly.


So, after using a dusting of the mattifying powder all over my face, I wanted to add back just a little shimmer in the right places, with the Sun Club All-in-One Bronzing Highlighter for Eyes, Face and Body. Although I have dark hair, my skin is quite pale so I went with the colour choice for Blondes/Lighter Skin.

I’m not into achieving a bronzed look, so have been using this product as a blush, by swirling my brush over the darker pink and brown areas. It gives just the right amount of shimmer to the cheekbones and looks pretty. I’ve also used the various colours as eye-shadows, applying them to the lids only, as I personally don’t like any shine anywhere beyond there. And the darkest colour makes a nice eye-liner when applied with a wet brush.

In the summer I might try out a bit more of a bronzed look, but for now, this way of using this diverse product suits me fine. I really like it.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Stick in 004 Guilty Grey


In my last Drugstore Finds post (here), I mentioned the Cover Girl grey shadow pencil I’d picked up and which I found to be dry and difficult to apply. Well, I ended up having to give up on it and disappointingly tossed it.

So, that left me still wanting a grey shadow stick, so this time I stuck with something I knew and loved — these Scandal Eye Pencils. I now have this in turquoise, purple and grey. They’re soft enough to apply easily and to smear a bit to get a smoky look, but then they set and stay put all day. Good stuff.

Follow-up : In an effort to give constructive feedback, I noticed that when I went to sharpen these Rimmel Scandal Eye Pencils, that this is very difficult to do. The plastic outside part is hard to sharpen and the tip breaks as you try to pull the pencil from the sharpener. It makes a big mess and there’s some wasted product. An improved, “no sharpener required” format would be great here.]

Nail Polishes : Revlon, L’Oreal and Maybelline



I’ve mentioned before that Revlon polishes are my favourite. The colour choices are great, they go on nicely and they last a long time before chipping. Also, I find that they don’t have a strong chemically odor. I wanted something in blue so selected this gorgeous shade called 490 Urban.

The small sized L’Oreal polish, in a deep emerald green shade called 423 Feline Sauvage, was part of their Holiday display, so I snagged the last bottle of this lovely colour.

The Maybelline Colour Show polishes were on sale, two for the price of one, so I picked up 430 Onyx Rush, which I’m wearing right now, and 115 Pretty in Peach, which I got with springtime in mind.

Moving on to Hair Products …

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner



This duo was a bit of a splurge at about $14 each (versus the $6 price-point of most commercial shampoos and conditioners) but I really wanted to try them, mostly because they smell SO GOOD. The added benefits are that they are Sulfate Free and nourishing.

I’ve found the results to be really good — a little went a long way in leaving my hair soft and shiny and with noticeably less frizz than I usually get. I’m sold — spending more on shampoo does leave you with nicer looking hair, and I really like the idea of reducing the harmful chemicals that sulfates are thought to be. (I found an interesting article about them here.)

Note though, that without sulfates, your shampoo won’t foam up nearly as much when you use it, but I found this product cleaned my hair well without the foam. So, I think I’ll be reserving some of my points for OGX shampoos moving forward. They have a wide range of different formulations to choose from, as seen on their site here.

But I recommend the Coconut ones … let’s just linger there for a moment and pretend we’re on vacation someplace warm.

[ Follow Up :  I’ve tried a few different kinds of the OGX shampoos and conditioners now, and love the product.  What I don’t love, though, is the packaging.  These large rounded flat bottles are the most awkward vessel to get stuff out of.  It became an annoying challenge every time I went to wash my hair. And the rounded shape means you can’t stand them upsidedown to get the last of it out, so there’s waste. I dislike the delivery system so much that I’ve stopped purchasing the product, which is a shame, because it’s really good.  The moment I see that they’ve changed the bottles is the moment I start buying it again! ]

Mark Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil 3 Day Perfect Blow Dry Smoothing Cream


I like Mark Anthony hair products in general, so I picked this up to replace a smoothing cream I was just finishing up. I’m glad I tried it because I’m very happy with the results. It smells nice, is easy to apply and a little goes a long way. It leaves my wavy hair looking smooth and straight after blow-drying, right through ’til I wash it again. I’ve also used it when air-drying and it really helps with the frizz. I’m sure I’ll be getting this product again.

Follow Up : This has become a product I always want to have around, so there have been repeat purchases. ]

Thank you for checking out my recent drugstore beauty department finds. Perhaps I’ve inspired you to change or add something to your beauty routine!
xo loulou