New Year’s Eve at The Gladstone Hotel

at the gladstone new years eve disco party toronto

Hi. I hope you've had a great first week of 2018! All is fine here, in spite of record breaking cold weather we've been having in Toronto, which has meant facing the probability of frostbite within only a few minutes of going outside.

gladstone hotel queen street west toronto

Such frigid temperatures resulted in Nick, Meghan and me standing in the longest coat-check line any of us had ever experienced, as everyone got rid of their multi layers before heading to the dance floor at The Gladstone Hotel's New Year's Eve Disco Party.

The wait was worth it, though, and was made as enjoyable as any long line-up could be, with a bar stategically located at the halfway point, a live dj picking upbeat tunes, and the friendly people behind us.

waiting to check coats

coat check line up

m and n

↑ Much loved people. ↑

friendly people gladstone hotel new years eve toronto

↑ Our handsome and friendly line-up buddies. ↑

poster and dj myst milano at the gladstone new years eve dance party toronto

↑ dj Myst Milano

old staircase gladstone hotel toronto


Our first stop at the multi-roomed event was the ballroom, where 6-piece band called Tush were performing their original dance music. They were great!

tush band performing at the gladstone hotel toronto queen street west new years eve

disco dance party new years eve at the gladstone hotel toronto

nick 1

l and m

new years eve at the gladstone miss fluffy souffle

↑ 2017 ended and 2018 began with event host, Miss Fluffy Souffle, helping to welcome its arrival. ↑

Following Tush's set, we headed to the Melody Room Lounge, where a friend of Meghan's, deejay Gramera, was spinning, accompanied by Dennis P on the saxophone. Lots more dancing there.

DJ Gramera and Dennis P on sax the gladstone hotel new years eve party toronto

The room was decorated to resemble Warhol's Factory, with silver walls and soup can lamps.

champagne and soup cans

new years eve at the gladstone hotel toronto melody room decorated like warhols factory

at the gladstone new years eve disco party toronto queen street west

It was a really fun party; being there as the clock struck midnight, started our year off on a very good note, indeed!

riding the street car on new years eve thanks to corby spirit and wine free ttc

↑ Thanks to Corby Spirit and Wine, public transit was free from 7pm to 7am. We were grateful to partake on our way to and from the venue, 'cause baby, it was cold out there! ↑

I hope you had fun last weekend too, ringing it the new year exactly as you like it to be done!

Thanks for reading.
xo loulou
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