Joining a Studio Audience : CityLine


Julie got us some tickets to join the studio audience for the filming of the television lifestyle program CityLine, hosted by Tracy Moore. They let small children come on Wednesdays, so James came too.



We were asked for big smiles and to clap enthusiastically when prompted, particularly after the parts where we’d been told that we, as audience members, would be receiving a gift.

A video of the show can be found here if you’d like to watch it and spot us. *

Here are some screen-caps from the video of parts where we could be seen …


↑ There I am at the top left ↑



↑ There were two parts when Julie was shown in close-up! ↑



↑ At one point the zoomed in on little sleeping James ↑


Those that wanted to were invited to have a picture taken with Tracy Moore. The shot was taken with Julie’s phone …


This was their Mother’s Day program, so the generous gifts were chosen with papering in mind. We were each given an electric toothbrush (the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean with charger glass and charging travel case), a rechargeable foot care tool for home pedicures (the Amope Pedi Wet & Dry) and a couple of shavers (the Schick Intuition).

We were also each got a $50 gift card for anything we want at a mall in the east end, the Scarborough Town Centre. I’ve never been and look forward to checking it out. Julie, James and I have a date set to go next week.

Plus, there was a raffle held after the filming, where one lucky winner would receive a Canon Photography package, valuing over $2,000. And guess what? Julie won it! She got a Rebel DSLR camera body, two lenses, a photo sorting and display console and a photo printer. Such a great prize that couldn’t have gone to a better person.


↑ Here she is on the phone with her husband Guy, trying to figure out how they would get the prize home, since she and James had taken the subway over. Guy ended up meeting us at The Imperial Pub where we went for lunch afterwards, and taking some of the stuff with him. ↑


↑ Mom’s lucky charm! (taken with Julie’s phone) ↑


The show was really good and included a recipe for a delicious looking lemon dessert that I look forward to trying. *

The whole experience was a lot of fun, and I’m sure we would have smiled widely with or without the prompting.

Anyone can apply for tickets at their site here.


After seeing what a good time studio audience participation is, Julie got tickets to another show. So, we’re off to The Marilyn Denis Show in a few weeks.

Thanks a lot for checking out what I’ve been up to. I hope you had a great weekend!
xo loulou

* Warning : the videos start automatically with adverts, and there is sound.