Going to the Birds!

These past few days have been particularly bird filled! First there was the spotting of this lovely outdoor table beside a little coffee shop I passed on our way to pick up a can of paint.

Then we came upon this goose in the park. Now geese in Toronto are not that rare of a sight, however I’ve passed through this park many many times before and have never seen one here. It’s quite a ways from the waterfront where one would commonly see (and complain about the mess left by) these birds. He/she was all on their own so must have somehow gotten separated from the flock. One could say that the others all flocked off.

Then when I got home from the walk, I managed to finally catch a decent shot of one of the robins that have been busy in our garden, pulling up worms and feeding on the fresh compost. We’ve had more robins than ever this spring!

Finally, I could trick you into looking for the bird in this shadow. But I won’t, because then I’d be goosing you, as there is no bird in this shadow! But there could almost be, right?!

xo Loulou

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