Out with the old : Kitchen renovation Begins

When we moved into this house 10 years ago it needed quite a bit of work. However, this was in areas that would never (or barely) be seen by anyone. New eaves-troughs and soffit anyone? How about our lovely new furnace? Not impressed … well you’ll love our new windows then, won’t you? Actually, we loved our new windows when they were put in, but the rest? Important to have done, but not so fun!

Now that all the bones are taken care of, it was time for a not so necessary indulgence. A kitchen renovation. Oh, parts of it were in dire need for sure, such as replacing the kitchen sink so it didn’t drip water everywhere and the old counter-top was busted and stained. But rather than just fix what needed fixing, we decided to have the entire thing ripped out, including the ceiling.

Here we are getting ready for the demolition …

And here it is after the demo with the new ceiling drywall up …

Wish us luck. I think we’ll need it. Well, erm, at least patience. We’ll definitely need patience!

Thanks for reading :)