A Writing Kit for On-The-Go


At the risk of sounding very old fashioned, I must begin this post by admitting that I don’t have a cell-phone. I did have one for a long time, but didn’t find I needed it that badly so when it broke, I just didn’t replace it. Now, I have never had a smart phone, and if I did, I’m sure I would grow to love it, but for now, I am happy with my land-line and beloved ipad.

The one thing that I did miss after giving up my cell was the ability to leave myself notes on it. So I began to carry a small notebook and pen with me. And since I always wanted them to be neat and easy to find, I put them inside a tidy little zipped up case.

You might think that I’m the last adult around not to have a cell, but lo and behold, my sister doesn’t have one either. So as a gift I made her this little ‘Writing Kit for On-The-Go’ similar to mine.

First I found the little leather pouch. It’s actually a change purse, but was quite perfect for what I needed.


Then I began searching for a small but nice ballpoint pen, that was not disposable. I found the perfect one on ebay, which is only 4 1/2 inches long. While it came with 5 refills, she can get more in this size quite easily.



As for notebooks, Moleskine makes a small one, sold in packs of two, that would fit perfectly, however, I wanted to add the personal touch of making some myself.



And thinking that she might also like a different type of notepad, that she could use more as scrap paper, or to give a message to somebody else, I made up a little pad in the style of a match book, with pages that could neatly and easily be torn off. I have found that I also need one of these for myself, so will be making some more.

Lastly, and because I had the pretty card-stock left-over from making the notebook, I made her a simple personalized bookmark. It’s not really related to the writing-kit, but she likes to read, so I think she’ll enjoy it.



I took lots of photos while making these things, so will put up separate tutorials for the notebooks and matchbook notepad here.

Thanks for dropping over,