What I Did When the Internet Broke

Last Friday afternoon our internet went down, resulting in way too much time spent on the phone and text-chatting with at least, not kidding, eight different tech people, reexplaining the issue every time. It was all fixed and running smoothly by Tuesday, but that left a few days without Netflix, xbox, Spotify, e-books, and all the other things we’ve become accustomed to spending our spare time doing online.

So, it was a perfect time to crack open the embroidery kits created by Knitted Bliss Stitching. I got into completing the charming “In My New Spring Sweater” one, featuring an adorable rabbit wearing a sweater, surrounded by a wreath of various florals and leaves.

You might know (because I’ve mentioned her plenty on these pages) that the talented textile artist and founder of Knitted Bliss is my friend Julie. I’ll go ahead and brag on her behalf because I think she’s pretty great! She’s been at the forefront of Canada’s knitting community for years and now she’s making these cool embroidery kits. You might be thinking, knitting and embroidery are quite different things. They are, but being a life-long doer of both, Julie has succeeded in merging the two — her embroidery kits each involve an image of something knitted, such as my rabbit’s new spring sweater, for example. She also offers patterns and instructions for knitters to embellish their work with embroidered motifs.

The embroidery kits include :

  • a piece of quality cotton fabric printed with a design,
  • a bamboo hoop frame which is used in completing the project and then to display it,
  • all the embroidery floss required to complete the project (there’s plenty so mistakes can be made with enough to redo a section if needed –I know that by experience)
  • two embroidery needles,
  • a needle threader,
  • a “needle minder” — that’s a magnet that attaches to any piece of fabric, which will, “mind your needle”, because it sticks to the magnet so you won’t lose it. I didn’t have one before but now see that it’s an extremely handy item for any stitcher to have.
  • and an instruction sheet

The projects include a wide variety of different stitches to try and each kit is produced in as environmentally friendly way as possible and includes no plastic.

The other one I got is called “Cozy Winter” …

↑ There’s also a cute matching mug to go with this one. It’s not listed on her site but I’m sure if you contact Julie she’ll get you one, which will be perfect for wintertime hot chocolate drinking. ↑

So, I spent most of the internet-free weekend outside on our back deck with a magazine, a book and this embroidery project. While I tried with the magazine and book, it was the stitching that kept calling me back to do just a little bit more.

It’s not something that could be completed in only a few days, not at my pace, at least, so I haven’t finished it yet, but, even now that the ‘net is back up, this stitching project still keeps calling out to me, wanting to be worked on. It is so fun and addictive to do.

I like to use pink and turquoise in an area of my Christmas decorating (as seen here) and this piece will be a welcome addition to that. It will also be suitable to use in our springtime decor, as well, of course.

Thank you for reading. I hope this has inspired you to give a Knitted Bliss Embroidery kit a go. If you have the urge to stitch, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

xo loulou