My Sister was the Birthday Girl

My sister celebrated her birthday recently so I thought I’d show you the card I made for her and the way I wrapped her gifts. She likes penguins, so when I nabbed this gift wrap in the after Christmas sale bin, I knew it would be used for her. However, I didn’t want to just use it all up wrapping the presents, so I used the motif on the card I made. But it didn’t look fancy enough on it’s own, so I added a couple of snowflakes salvaged from a used Christmas card. (Nick gave me my new cutting mat for Christmas and it’s pretty sweet being able to just lay it out wherever I want and get to work!)

Since one of the gifts was pretty big, to wrap it I re-purposed a department store shopping bag, by covering the store’s name with more of the penguin paper. Then I wrapped the smaller things in, (you guessed it!) second hand tissue paper. So the only brand new bits in the whole card and wrap was the card-stock and envelope, a bit of construction paper for the mat/frame! Just call me Thrifty Lou, or to use a family nickname from childhood .. ‘Saves-y Girl’.

My sis and I got together to celebrate by heading to some excellent thrift stores in her new ‘hood. I stuck mostly to the glassware and will get some photos of my finds up soon! My sister got some excellent scores, including a Blue Mountain Pottery table lamp and some other great things. She is a queen of thrifting and has a very keen eye for collectables even before they become collectable!

The little square box for her among her gifts contains something I made, which I will show you tomorrow. I’ll give you a clue .. she really likes hearts!

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xo loulou