Cards Made By Shakti

Readers may recall that my on-line friend Shakti and I did a bunch of things (virtually) together during the month of June. Amongst them were a Picture an Hour post, each taking our shots on the exact same day. We also each baked some bread from scratch, a first for both of us.

And since we both like to create greeting cards, the final thing we did together was make each other a card. With the mail having to be sent to/from Canada to the United States, the results of this final part did not make it in time to post in June though!

We both cheated a bit and went beyond simply making one greeting card for the another. Here is the lovely set of handmade greeting cards I received from Shakti. Aren’t they great? She has a Cricut Die Cutting Machine, so was able to make some collages with some very interesting shapes.

Not only are they nice to look at, they are very handy too! In fact, one has already been put in the mail for a new on-line friend of mine.

A big thank you to Shakti for the cards and for inviting me to be her blog partner for June!

I’ll be back later to show you what I made for her.
xo loulou