Christmas This Year

Here is a little peek at how Christmas went down for us this year.

Nick, Eddie Boycat and I hung out at our place on Christmas Eve, drinking some bubbly and opening our gifts. Well, Eddie opted out on the drink but he had a go at opening gifts.




Then on Christmas Day my mother and father came over with their dog Kiki in the early afternoon, and we exchanged presents.

Dinner would be at my sister and brother-in-law’s later, so we just snacked a bit and, with my dad as designated driver, enjoyed some rum and eggnog with my mom.



↑ Those are grainy because they were back-lit so I had to lighten them up, but you get the idea. ↑


↑ My necklace is a needlepoint of roses in a small frame with a loop on the back for a chain, given to me by a friend Jenn a few years ago. ↑

↑ That is this mix I told you about the other day. ↑

Here are some shots of our decorations. We went with a little tree (which I’ve had since university), and just a few bobbles around the place.




↑ This little china elf from the 40s is one of my favourite things and she lives in our glass-front cabinet year ’round. ↑


As mentioned, dinner was hosted by my sister and her husband.

Here are a few shots of some of her things. She’s been collecting vintage since she was a young girl, and I have memories of sitting on her bed as she showed me the little bits and pieces she had gathered, pulling them one by one from a big old handbag that had been our grandmother’s. My sister is the person who got me to see the light and begin going to thrift-stores. Her place is packed with so many interesting details to look at that at one point my brother jokingly told me to stop taking pictures!


And, since this is the first time she hosted Christmas at their relatively new place, I got to see all of her vintage Christmas collection on display for the first time.




I’ll close with a couple of collages of snap-shots taken at a very fun (and delicious) gathering.



I hope you had a happy Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season.
xo loulou