Who is That Sitting in My Chair?

Being the loving cat-parents that we are, of course we set Ed up with his very own comfortable spot outside on the deck. He has a comfy blanket on a chair under the awning, dedicated to him alone. For a couple of weeks he thought this spot was fantastic and was found lounging there whenever we were hanging outside. Then one morning Nick went out and found another cat sleeping in Ed’s spot! The nerve. This interloper was sent on his way, but now Eddie’s spot is no longer good. He doesn’t want to sit there anymore. I have the blanket in the wash to see if he’ll go back to it.

But in the meantime, since someone had stolen his chair, he decided that it was fair play to take someone else’s spot, namely mine! Last week I bought a nice cushy comfortable cushion for my outdoor chair, which has turned it into the very best reading chair in our home. So, without doubt, when I found it had been usurped, I wanted it back for myself.

But I have to be prepared to fight for it, because every time I leave it to go in for a drink or something, it gets taken over very very quickly!