A Robot Party and Daft Punk Tribute Band


We had such a good time on Saturday night, going first to a Robot Themed birthday party for our friend Andrea at her place, and then heading out to see a live performance of Daft Punk songs, played by an 8 piece band of skilled musicians.

The party included a buffet dinner which included some delicious baked macaroni and cheese, a nice bean salad, potato salad crostini sandwiches, a cheese board and vegetables with dip. And we contributed this crowd favourite, an Olive and Cream Cheese Spread. After all that savory stuff there were two kinds of cupcakes including a chocolate one with peanut butter frosting, and some homemade oatmeal cookies for dessert. To drink there was a sangria punch and we brought along some beer too.




↑ Izzy and Andrea with the flowers I crocheted for them ↑


After meeting Andrea’s great group of friends, partaking in the delicious spread and catching up with our long-time friend Izzy (who was the one who introduced us to Andrea last May at this event), seven of us tromped through one of the snowiest nights, hopped onto the subway and went to a place called Adelaide Hall, to see the Daft Punk Tribute band.



Adelaide Hall is located at 250 Adelaide Street West, and was at one time called Limelight and the London Tap House. We used to go dancing there when it was Limelight, so I was having some flashback memories of the place. But we’ve never seen a live show there before and agreed that it made a perfect venue for live music, given the two floors and the ability to see the action from above.

I’ll admit right now that I don’t know much about Daft Punk music, being more familiar with their recent recordings, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. What we got was a very lively show where talented musicians played a long set of Daft Punk songs on real instruments (as opposed to the synthesizers and computers primarily used by the original band). The audience was very enthusiastic and there was a real sense of glee at the packed show.









All in all it was a very fun night which left us happy and loving our friends.

Thank you for dropping over,
xo loulou