Eddie Gets Decked Out for Vday

cat wearing sweater and necklace

You know Eddie Boycat loves holidays and any type of celebration. He is never one to miss a chance to get in on any type of fun that might be going down. So in honour of Valentine’s Day coming up he was perfectly willing to take a moment to show you his big heart.

cat wearing shirt and necklace


Lest I come across as a ruthless meanie forcing my cat to dress up for pictures, I feel I must repeat myself and say that our Eddie really does not seem to mind being featured in dress-up photoshoots at all. In fact he seems to quite enjoy them and makes absolutely no move to avoid his role as model. And let me assure you, he is a forceful cat who makes it very clear when he doesn’t like something.

To demonstrate his eagerness to play along, in this case I put the shirt on him first, using binder clamps at the back (on the fabric only, of course) to make it fit him better. Then I thought about adding the necklace, which I had to go find in my room. So I left him on the pink sheet wearing the tee-shirt for about a minute. When I got back he was still sitting in the exact same spot as though waiting for the shoot to begin.

He posed for me and I was able to get what I needed in under a minute and then I said ‘good boy’ and put my lens cap back on. Before I could take the garb off him he had gotten himself comfortable for a nap. I took the stuff off him right away but he wouldn’t have cared less if I’d left it on.


cat-in shirt-necklace-05

Happy Caturday to you. I hope you’re having a good weekend so far. All is well here.
xo loulou