Eddie’s Thoughts : Thanksgiving at Our Place


Hi friends. Eddie the Boycat here to give you the lowdown of how Canadian Thanksgiving went over at our place last weekend.

I spent the holiday with my roommates Nick and Lou, and we had a jolly good time.

It was a fun and relaxed day, resplendent with a house filled with the smells of a mighty fine meal being prepared. I was quite excited about it, but I have to say that for a day that is traditionally meant for feasting, the pickings that were passed my way were pretty slim. I might even go so far as to say they were downright stingy.

Lou kept saying that they shouldn’t give me too much because of my health. Well, sometimes a man likes to be the arbiter of his own darn health. And on that particular day, I felt that something tastier would do me well. Sometimes she should just mind her own business.

But all that was on offer was my regular special kibble … the kind they have to buy at at a certain store, because I once had a problem with my privates. One little problem and I’m destined to a life of kibble. It says it’s for my Uretic Health right on the bag, for goodness sake. How embarrassing! Oh well, it could be worse, because I actually like it well enough most days.

But this was no ordinary day, so after sniffing at my bowl of that same old kibble I spent a goodly amount of time hanging around Nick’s feet while he was cooking, trying to send him telepathic messages that I really wanted a dollop of the good stuff. That would be the delectable can of wet food that they keep hidden in the fridge and only dole out in the smallest of portions.


So I sat there and every time he would make eye contact with me, I would say meow. Although he pretended otherwise, I’m pretty sure he understood me just fine but just wasn’t jumping to my request.



Eventually I got that serving and you know what else? After the turkey was cooked I actually got to taste some! It was such a tiny little bit (again, Lou with her goings on about my health) that really all it did was leave me wanting more. But there are lots of leftovers frozen in people-sized portions squirreled away, so there is the chance for more in the coming months, which is something I am thankful for.

I think you know that Nick is the main cook at our place. He loves to do it and so Lou and I let him. While he was busy she played a spot of XBox.

I didn’t have all that much to do because it was raining steadily all day, so I thought I’d treat her to a visit from moi, but only if there was a comfy pillow in her lap for me to sit on. She says that I caused her to flub her game when I needed to wash my face for a few minutes. Even so I’m pretty sure that she appreciated the time that I spent sitting with her.



Then when Nick joined us in the living room while taking a break, I made a speedy move to join him over on the couch.


I suggested that we would both be more comfortable if he laid back a bit. So he did. Then I was able to spend some time in my most favourite spot ever … perched on his chest. It’s the best. Home is wherever I’m with him.


Oftentimes I prop myself up by putting my paw on his chin. If he moves it off, I put it back up again. It’s a fun game we play. Another one that we played later was a round of ‘He puts his hand near me and I try to bite it — not hard though’. What fun! (And I won in case anyone is keeping score.)

Here’s a picture of my campsite. It’s very private but still lets me see what is going on in the room.


And here I am sitting on the sofa. You know I’m not usually allowed to sit here, but in the past week or so, my roommates have given in. They say it’s because I’m getting old and should receive some extra privileges but I think it’s because they think I’m cute and like to see me there.

They didn’t know this, but I’ve been sneaking on that sofa for a long long time. But I’m smart and hop down just as soon as I hear them approaching the room. They had no idea, hehe. I really don’t know what Lou means though, when she feels the seat after I’ve vacated it and announces that it is still warm. So what?



In closing I want to say that I appreciate you taking a look at my pictures every week on Caturday. Your love means very much to me and I love you back. I do.


ps. Lou wanted me to tell you that she’ll be back tomorrow to show you their pictures of Thanksgiving. Those are ok, but I think mine are better.