New Year’s Eve Dance Party at The Velvet Underground


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone was doing exactly what they wanted to be doing, as the clock struck midnight and the year 2014 turned to 2015.

We were dancing with wild abandon, arms in the air, both feet leaving the ground. After a year spent with a sore foot, which led to surgery in August and then two-plus months of barely moving as it healed up, I was one happy dancing girl.

As we did last New Year’s Eve, we, along with our friend George, went to a nightclub we like called The Velvet Underground. Although we don’t go there that often these days, it is a place we both know well. In fact, while seated in the very same seats we were in for the photos below, Nick asked me if I’d like to see where he lived and meet his adorable little orange cat Johnson for the first time, a month after we had begun dating. I’m not sure how long the place has been going, but that was 16 years ago, and it had already been open for years before that. The Velvet has hardly changed, except for the replacement of furniture and upholstering. This is definitely a case of, ‘If it works, don’t change it’.

Well, there is one aspect that hasn’t changed over the years, which could have stood to be improved upon, and that was the fact that by 1 am there wasn’t a scrap of paper in the women’s washroom. Even a request to the woman servicing the nearby coat check, reaped no reward. When asked, she said she already knew about the situation, but didn’t know how to go about getting it fixed. Not so good, particularly on a night that patrons had paid a relatively high cover-charge to get in (versus what they usually charge, not versus what other downtown clubs charge). Thankfully, I had some tissues in my small party purse, but not enough to share around.

The music, selected by DJ Lazarus, was excellent and kept the crowd moving. Given that he has over 22 years of experience in getting dance floors hopping, it is no surprise.

I hope you agree that a set of dark and grainy photographs to commemorate the night is better than no pictures at all.




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It was a great night.

Here’s to the new year and lots more dancing!
xo loulou